About People by People
PEOPLE BY PEOPLE is a fashion accessory brand that offers uncompromised quality, stylistics, and affordable fashion. The brand strives to offer individuals a chance to “pamper” themselves in high quality fashion accessories. PEOPLE BY PEOPLE officially launches in 2014, with its first collection in sunglasses. The brand will offer more collections in the coming months, including leather goods as well as leather accessories.
This is People by People’s “Asian Dream”.
People by People was born out of an “Asian Dream” — to create an Asian fashion accessory brand. People by People believes that by creating fashion accessories with superb quality and reasonable pricing, it will eventually become an internationally renowned brand.
The launch of the first People by People sunglasses collection has a symbolic meaning — to reinvigorate the dream that lays dormant in us. Our eyes hold our vision in life, but in the blinding sunlight, we can’t open our eyes and see clearly the path ahead and as a result, we choose to give up our dream. With its sunglasses collection, People by People hopes to remind us that by shading our eyes from the sun, we will be able to see our path with clarity, zero in on our goal, and work towards realizing our dream.
With its Asian Dream set in sight, People by People will continue to design and create different kinds of fashion accessories, including leather handbags and other leather accessories.
Like People by People, we hope that you will work towards realizing your dream too.